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Panic Buying Welcome

This was the sign placed outside our local butcher's shop, and one which would be equally placed outside Lyndale and any other plant producer or retail outlet.

Covid-19 has transformed our lives and living patterns to a new norm that we are yet to recognise. As Plant Producers, we tend to reassure ourselves that in tight economic times, people stay home and focus on their home environment, including their gardens.

All very well if our Government had recognised our industry as essential (to people's security) but now we know, nurseries are in shutdown and the means of distribution are closed down.

So panic buying erupted of seedlings and seed as the last ones available for home gardens flew off the shelves.

NZPPI tried hard to keep nurseries and distribution via garden shops open, but as we know they are under resourced as only a few of us support the industry body through our membership.

So to recap, your home isolation garden projects are off. Alcohol is freely available and gun shops have been run off their feet.

I have a lot of time for how the government has handled this crisis but feel they got this one aspect very wrong.


The bottomless depths of
human behaviour

Essential supplies
while in isolation

What Is Real

I am of an age where getting a flu vaccination has seemed to be a good idea, despite my dislike of people with needles approaching me with intent.

We also offered vaccinations to the staff and about half have opted to take this option. The problem is that we are yet to find someone with vaccine to carry out the vaccinations. They appear to be as rare as toilet paper in a Herne Bay supermarket.

A very good depiction of the symptoms and differences between the common cold, normal winter flu and Covid-19 was published in the English newspaper, The Telegraph. See here for this, we have enlarged it, printed it and put on our notice board for the Lyndale Team to check out.

What we do know from the earlier Chinese experience is that eighty percent of sufferers of Covid-19, experience only mild illness, 14% severe disease and 5% become critically ill, developing breathing difficulties. Hand hygiene is critical and the Harvard Medical School has four good tips to ensure good hand hygiene.

  1. Don't scrub. Scrubbing skin creates cracks and small cuts that give viruses and bacteria a place to grow.
  2. Keep your fingernails short. Bacteria and Virus like that area under your fingernails, and long nails make it difficult to keep clean.
  3. Use moisturising hand lotion if your hands are prone to skin cracks, this is especially important during winter.
  4. Don't hurry. It is important not just to properly wash your hands but to dry them also.

Overall 2% of people that have developed the disease have died, and the risk of catching Covid-19 is low to moderate, but the Ministry of health is asking people to take strong preventative measures.

The adage which circulated Britain during World War 2, of "Keep calm and carry on" is extremely relevant in today's new world that we find ourselves in.


(click to enlarge)

What Are People Buying

No, I don't mean hand sanitizer and loo paper.

In the USA, our colleagues tell us, plant sales are holding well but are being outstripped by the sales of firearms as people struggle to know what lies ahead for them in a country with no universal health care. Loo paper is also a commodity in short supply, which is as an equally ridiculous reflection on the human psyche in times of crisis as it is here and in Australia.

Younger people are focusing on succulents and indoor plants, which could be seasonally appropriate emotive plants such as lavender for table top decorations.

Ferns also fall into this category trend, so watch future lists for new developments in this area.

Speaking of lists, we are not intending to publish a catalogue again this year.

Instead we will be updating our website again as our online catalogue and encouraging you all to place orders with us sooner rather than later.

We are finding that many of our bigger customers are ordering 12 to 18 months in advance which is focusing our production and taking out our supply of some plants that have a specific seasonal propagation window.

Examples of these types of crops are Hibiscus and to a lesser extent Pittosporums, Hostas and Camellias.

That's all for now folks

Kind regards
The Lyndale Team


Philodendron 'Atom'

Lavandula 'Bee Brilliant'

Hosta 'Wide Brim'

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