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Last One

By and large I have enjoyed writing the Lyndale Newsbrief, even if the deadline rolls around with what seems to be an ever-increasing rapidity.

7th of March is the date when the Waimea Group take over the reins of Lyndale, and from that date I will no longer be sitting down facing a blank screen each month wondering what on earth to write about for Lyndale Newsbrief.

Writing the last edition from this source, it is tempting to reminisce about the many changes that have occurred in the 52 plus years since I wandered into a lively Lyndale Wholesale Nursery in Parker Avenue, New Lynn, to ask if there was any after school work available.

Change is constant and endless, and I am not about to attempt to document what I have observed on my watch, instead in this edition I am going to continue with the blend of political/industry related comment that I enjoy.

In no other two plus years, in our recent history, has Government policy and decisions impacted on our lives and businesses to the extent that has occurred.


The Green Scene

While COVID is the biggest event socially and politically, there is much going on that has failed to attract media attention and public debate that such matters require.

As an industry, we appear to be on the right side of the "green tide", but only on the surface. We sell an indisputably beneficial product, just not in the most environmentally beneficial manner.
However, we are saints compared to many including our green environmentally concerned politicians, who are losing the plot.

Just how much did it cost the environment for the Minister for Climate Change, James Shaw, and his entourage of 14 people to travel to Glasgow late last year to attend the latest round of "global warming" talks?

More importantly, what did they achieve?

Yes, the world desperately needs to cut global warming emissions, but lets start with the five nations contributing the most pollution.
With all our weather coming off Australia (like rusts!!) that would be a good place to start.

Bushfires in Australia contribute more pollution to our atmosphere than all of what we produce by vehicle and industrial means. While every little bit helps, if we are honest, the amount of carbon we can save from being emitted into the atmosphere is a small drop in a large southern ocean.

The politicians that currently sit at the top of the pile are focused on farmer bashing. Again, James Shaw was pontificating about halving the NZ dairy herd.

Such a move would cost the country approximately $8.3 billion in lost revenue.


James Shaw

Some Facts

Lets consider a few facts. Our greatest revenue earner, tourism, is in the doldrums and will take years to recover, if it ever does in these global pandemic times.

Next biggest earner is Dairy production and when I was a kid, this came from cows, so to reduce the cow population by half while still funding an ever-increasing list of "toys", as a nation of five million we will be bankrupt by the next election.

To add to our woes, lets consider oil and gas industry, which in an overnight Government decision, cancelled all future oil and gas exploration permits. With our current gas reserves running low, the industry is already talking of importing natural gas from Western Australia and Asia.

This of course will be by ship, along with the Asian sourced low quality coal we import because we no longer mine enough of our own in NZ to supplement our clean green electricity production.

As mentioned last month, the cost, both fiscally and environmentally, of peat for incorporating into potting mixes for the production of young plants (including vegetable seedlings) was another recent victim of a decision made in Wellington without knowing or caring about the full picture.

Seriously folks, I think it is time for us all to take a reality check.

We are a small nation of smart Kiwis who have learnt to be resourceful and resilient and who are not only capable of being self-sufficient, but also have the ability to feed the world.

It is sad to realise that in just a few short years we have gone from a huge trade surplus to the current US$2.1 billion deficit, which begs the question, do we need to slow the green juggernaut and apply the brakes of sound judgement and reason while acknowledging a real issue? Food for thought.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to wish you all the very best, and to thank you for reading these pages (even if you dont agree) and supporting Lyndale so well as customers and friends.

Kind regards



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