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California Dreaming

You are immediately confronted with how increasingly difficult it is to move live plants around the world, let alone to bring them back into the Land of the Long White Cloud, Aotearoa, New Zealand, when you visit shows such as CAST (California Spring Trials).

Our justification for being there is more about selling opportunities and joining the dots between potential growers and a supply source, be that unrooted cuttings, TC or just plain old stock plants for cuttings.

However, we are always looking for opportunities to bring plants into NZ that we judge the NZ trade will relish, and there is no shortage of them.

Be it the stunningly majestic blue Podocarpus elongatus from Monrovia (requires risk assessment, maybe in 10 years) or the dwarf Miscanthus 'Little Miss' from Planthaven along with Miscanthus 'Fire Dragon' (requires risk assessment ditto).

The drama around Myrtle Rust in NZ has initiated the need for long term shelter plants that will last the distance without succumbing to a disease that will prove to be debilitating at worse or just a pain in the arse.

However, there is not a lot of advantage in looking around offshore as you still have a monumental issue to overcome in the form of joining a pathetically slow-moving queue to get some risk assessments on ornamental plants actually completed.


Trina & Malcolm with the crew from Southern Living

Some fine Mystics bred by our own Dr Keith Hammett

Trina & Malcolm with Robert & Jeanette from Planthaven

Cordylines from Growing Spectrum proving popular

MPI Job Descriptions

Having just had some interaction with the good folk at AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service), I realise that at least our guys have a reliable understanding of their own imposed regulations and procedures and what's more actually appear to care a little about the difficulties industry face.

Not so at AQIS, like other regulator officials in Australia, giving them a uniform and some authority over anyone is a big mistake.

As a recent visitor to the USA, I would have to say the Australian authorities are in a class of their own (academically it's a low grade), and nothing to be proud of.

Since my last visit to the USA (hardly 12 months ago) the process to enter the country was almost pleasant. It is as if every person of authority you come into contact with as you get processed has just completed an American host course and passed with distinction.

Even more exciting was travelling back to NZ from Vancouver, Canada to NZ via a few hours stopover in San Francisco, we cleared USA immigration in Canada, so no shuffle in Transit through immigration again. Come on NZ and Australia, sort it out.

Why can't we do that here between our two countries?

Back to my job description for MPI staff. It would start with something along the lines, must have a thick skin and able to take criticism, able to follow rules and direction, thinking for oneself is optional but not required in working hours. But enough on that.


Good co-operation from Canada to USA Airport Border Crossings

California Plantsman

One of many delights we experienced in visiting California was meeting Randy Baldwin from San Marcos Growers, a wholesale nursery that supplies plants to retailers and landscapers, that will succeed in Southern Californian conditions.

A true plantsman, Randy has always pleasantly surprised me by taking time to read our Lyndale News Blog.

Additionally, his knowledge and experience with both NZ and Australian plants is impressive as is the trialling he puts in to establish what works for that part of the coast.

What is more, his supportive comments confirm the Nursery business around the world face very similar challenges in every facet of their operation and on-going existence.

Good grief, the end of the page is upon me and I was only getting started.

That's it for now

Kind regards
Malcolm and the Lyndale Team


Malcolm showing Randy how big the fish was he caught

Life Around the Nursery

Explosive force of nature wreaks havoc at Lyndale

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