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We're truly passionate about plants and are are constantly searching the world for new plant varieties to bring to the New Zealand gardener, as well as cultivating our most loved native plants.

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Lyndale Nurseries 2017/18 Catalogue

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Feijoa sellowiana
Feijoa sellowiana Hedge & Shelter Plants Edible Bird Attracting
These evergreen, perennial Feijoas are seedling raised from good cropping trees. The fruit is sweet and aromatic with juicy flesh. Attractive to wildlife in the garden.
Hardy 3 x 3m
Feijoa sellowiana 'Bret's Delight'
Feijoa sellowiana 'Bret's Delight' Hedge & Shelter Plants Edible Bird Attracting
An improved selection forming a compact, medium-sized tree. A true heavy cropper with delicious, large, thin skinned fruit.
Hardy 1.8 x 1.2m
Ficus 'Tuffi'
Ficus  'Tuffi' Hedge & Shelter Plants Bird Attracting
Compact, evergreen tree with glossy bright-green new foliage, darkening with age. Its vigorous and neat upright habit makes it an ideal hedging and topiary plant.
Half hardy 3.5 x 2.5m
Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'
Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey' Specimen Plant Edible Bird Attracting
The most popular Fig, producing heavy crops of medium-sized brown fruit with good flavour borne on a large spreading tree.
Hardy 5 x 5m
Ficus carica 'Ventura'
Ficus carica 'Ventura' Specimen Plant Edible Bird Attracting
A compact growing variety suitable for growing in containers/courtyard. Bears flavoursome green skinned fruit with deep red flesh. Ripens late, does well in cooler areas.
Hardy 3 x 3m
Ficus carica 'White Adriatic'
Ficus carica 'White Adriatic' Edible Bird Attracting
Medium-sized, green-yellow skinned fruit are produced on this large spreading tree. The pulp is red and has an excellent flavour.
Frost tender 5 x 5m
Fuchsia procumbens
Fuchsia procumbens NZ Native Groundcover
NZ groundcover with small, pale-yellow flowers with bright blue anthers are followed by attractive red berries. Looks great spilling over walls or in rockeries. Best in part shade.
Hardy 0.3 x 1m
Furcraea bedinghausii 'Medio Picta'
Furcraea bedinghausii 'Medio Picta' Specimen Plant New to catalogue to to market Dry Garden Plant
Smooth leaf margins with no spines. Leaf tips are rounded and blunt, not sharp. Tolerant of most soils except for very wet situations. Prefers full sun and hot conditions. A very striking specimen!
Half hardy 2 x 2m
Records 1 - 8 of 8

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